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Puyang Hengfeng Petrochemical Industry  Co.,Ltdis a new joint-stock enterprise in technology, industry and trade, which is specialize inpetrochemical technology development, production and sale. It is located in the national health city, garden city, civilized city, andexcellent tourist city--- the high-tech industrial development area of Puyang city, Henan province,

The company is based on C5 and C9 separation and products deep processing, it adopts automatized central control continuous production technique, mainly produce C5 petroleum resin, C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin, C5/C9 copolymer resin, coumarone resin, C9 liquid resin, which is the key project of Puyang municipal party committee and government. C5 petroleum resin falls into the dedicated traffic paint, the dedicated adhesive, the dedicated tire rubber mixing, the dedicated aromatic hydrocarbon modification and so on. C9 petroleum resin is chieflythe dedicated paint and printing ink. C5 petroleum resin is mainly used for various adhesive; hot melt traffic paint (traffic coating material), hot melt adhesive, hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive as well as all kinds of adhesive rat trapping, adhesive insect trapping, adhesive  fly trapping; all kinds of bituminous waterproof sheet material, water proof paint; tire rubber mixing, rubber shoes materials, paint and printing ink, etc; dicyclopentadiene is mainly use to replace phthalicanhydride to make unsaturated polyester resin, as well as in other application areas. Welcome the call and mail from customers of domestic and overseas, and welcome to visit our company.

 Facing new opportunities and challenges, on the principle of be a man before doing jobs, the general manager and all staff of PuyangHengfeng Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd are willing to stay with all the new and old friends, carry forward the cause and forge ahead intothe future, be sincerely and honestly, work together to create a new win-win!



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